Clash of Weapons member 2009 – 2013
Freelance Illustrator, Concept Artist, and Multimedia Artist/Performer

Artist Q&A

What is the meaning behind “Konaa”?
“コナー” (pronounced; Konaa) is my signature for my work.
Why do you create art and what does it mean to you?
I don’t really have a choice; it’s like an impulse that keeps screaming at you till you listen.
What are your main techniques and styles you work with?
I’m not sure I can commit to one style. The most consistent factor is my love of a rich color palate when I work in digital. When I work in ink pen I like to work in a more anime minimalism style. Lastly.. when I work in mixed media, like to work with multiple layers to give the piece depth. I tend to favor using photography textured paper, fabric, and found objects.
How much time is spent creating your pieces?
Start to finish could take a couple days or a couple months, depending on how complex the project is. I rotate projects so it’s kind of hard to gauge.
What materials do you use for your art?
I Mainly use ink pen, pencil, paint, fabric, photography & wire. I also use image editing software that allows me to work in layers. I like to add texture along with adjusting tints and tones for my digital illustrations. Some of my artwork is traditional in the classical sense and some works are straight up photography.
How is your work a reflection of you?
I think art is an external personification of your inner self.
What other artists (dead or alive) have inspired you?
Kyo, Yoshitaka Amano, Kouyu Shurei, Junji Ito, Norihiro Yagi, Masaru Gotsubo,  Hiromu Arakawa, & Dave McKean.
How are your inspirations expressed in your work?
Most of my work comes from what I see in my mind’s eye when I hear a song or see an image that resonates with me.
What is your vision/philosophy?
I think it’s important to face that part of our selves we would rather ignore and find beauty in it.
Why did you choose to represent your art in this way?
It’s just how it played out, I suppose. I always start with a general idea of where I want it to go, but it doesn’t always agree with me.It grows organically, takes on a personality of its own and tells me where it needs to go.




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