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Clash of Weapons Books

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Poetry Books Descriptions

Soul of a Warrior
A collection of war stories; whether it be describing a gruesome physical battle, or internal mental instabilities. Soul of a Warrior focuses on audience representation reflecting these subjects.
The Parrish Lantern – Guided by Angels – Haunted by Gaki.
Chompasaurus Reviews – Review of Soul of a Warrior
Buried: 6ft
C.o.W best of S.G. 2004 – 2010 poetry book, Buried. S.G. solo years, (2012 version) illustrated by Konaa. Clash of Weapons 4th year anniversary edition. *Contains nudity, violence, and adult situations.
Oíche Shamhna
Oíche Shamhna shona daoibh! Clash of Weapons’ special Celtic end of the year mini poetry book, Oiche Shamhna. A homage to the Gaelic version of All Hollow’s Eve. Slainte!

Art Books

The art book “Wake” contains 2 mini illustration collections by Clash of Weapons member, Konaa. Muyuubyou -Konsui-: mini watercolor painting collection (2011) & Moboroshi: best of 2011 – 2012 mixed media illustrations.
My dream, his fantasy, her nightmare
Solo work by Clash of weapons member, Konaa. Her B&W illustration collection series (2012 extended version): My dream, his fantasy, her nightmare. (Comes in many editions).

Graphic Novel

The Castle – Coming Soon!
Concept Art

Visions of Hell – Coming Soon! 

Special Projects

Brooklyn Art Library: The Sketchbook Project

Deconstructing Life

Who we used to be

The Art of Living

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