About C.o.W


Clash of Weapons is a avant-garde experimental group founded in the US, late 2009.
Exploring themes featuring social issues of modern society and the after life.
Facing life through music, film, books, and art.

Mini Q&A with Clash of weapons founders, S.G. and Konaa

How did you two first meet?

 “We actually met on an art site funnily enough. Although our mediums for story telling are different, the genres that we gravitated to as individuals were (and are) in the same field. In noticing that and wanting to support each other, we became good friends.”

How was C.o.W first formed?

コナー- “Back in August 2009, I got an email from S.G saying that she wanted to collaborate on a book together. We had been friends for a quite a while, and I was familiar with her work as she was with mine. While we discussed the project, it became apparent that we had several possible book ideas we were both really interested in perusing. The whole thing just took off from there.”

So… why “C.o.W“?

“C.o.W is the anagram for Clash of Weapons. Renee realized that while we were still trying to decide on the group name. We joked around about how we could work that in somehow. Hey.. when you got an anagram like that, you might as well run with it, aye? Renee suggested that we incorporate it into the logo. Hence, why we have a chibi cow for a logo mascot.”



                                        Konaa                                                                                      S.G.Renee                                                                                        Mabushii

Konaa:  Art director, illustrator, concept artist, and multimedia artist. Member since 2009 – 2013

S.G.Renee:  Poet, Novelist, & Script writer.

Mabushi: Co-illustrator/co-concept artist.


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